March 29th, 2015

Ina Hanging On Like FG



Due to some recent events, I've decided to change viewing access of many of my entries from "Public" to "Friends Only." I assume everyone knows what that means.

Anyway, if you want to add me as a friend and/or have me add you to my friends list and we're not already acquainted, please leave a comment in this post and let me know who you are, etc.

I will no longer add people back as friends without knowing them first (unless you explain how you know me in the comments, that is). Sorry. :\

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone has a great night.


P.S. -- I'm going to date this entry in the future so that it stays on top of my page, but -- for the record -- this was posted on March 29, 2009.


Edit: While I have been meaning to update my LJ more often lately, I've been to busy/lazy to do so. I'm going to make an effort to make regular entries again sometime soon, but in the meantime, you can keep up with me more easily here:

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